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Lumen Summer Camp 2020 application for role

We are delighted that you have chosen to apply for a role at our 2020 Summer Camp.

Please complete all the questions as accurately as possible. Your application will be forwarded to Lisa Cosgrave, Communications Officer, who will collate all applications received.

The answers you give will be treated confidentially and only shared with Camp Leaders to inform their decision making process when building our 2020 Camp staff team.

Please note the deadline to submit your completed application is Friday 10th January.

Your personal details

My usual place of work is:*
Which role do you wish to apply for:*

Your Availability

Please indicate your availability below for each day our Camp will be in operation. We ask you ensure that the availability you offer is accurate and are dates you are absolutely certain you can commit to. We will use the availability candidates provide here to build our staffing rota and will form the basis of offers of employment.

The cut off for parents to book a day session at Camp is 48 hours. We will commit to giving on-call Camp staff members 48 hours notice of being required at Camp if booking numbers increase to point that we need additional assistance on site.

On a rare occasion it may be that we have a last minute staff illness that necessitates cover. If there are any dates where you would be able to accommodate 24 hours notice please record this in the availability table.

 Camp staff memberOn Call: 48 hours noticeOn Call: 24 hours noticeI am not available
Monday 20 July
Tuesday 21 July
Wednesday 22 July
Thursday 23 July
Friday 24 July
Monday 27 July
Tuesday 28 July
Wednesday 29 July
Thursday 30 July
Friday 31 July
Monday 3 August
Tuesday 4 August
Wednesday 5 August
Thursday 6 August
Friday 7 August
Would you be willing to drive a minibus route using the Lumen minibus Lite (which can be driven on a standard UK driving licence)?:*

Use of your personal data

Our Camp staff team are our biggest asset and the reason why parents choose to send their child to our Camp. Letting parents and children know our team in advance is a great way of encouraging children to spend time with us over the summer as they have the confidence of knowing they will see one or two familiar faces. We will use your full name and image in the following ways:
- to publicise our team via our website, app and Facebook page
- to create staff ID badges to be worn at all times at Camp

Please confirm your consent below to use your name and image in these ways:*

Your personal attributes & skills

We aim to provide the children in our care as diverse and stimulating programme of activities as possible. Team members who can think outside the box to deliver arts & crafts and sporting activities, within a limited budget, are a key component of the provision on offer.

We also wish to ensure that activities reflect the wealth of experience and interests that our staff team have in a more relaxed and informal setting.

Please use the following questions to illustrate what you believe you could bring to our 2020 Camp.

Do you have paediatric first aid training which will remain valid up to and including 7th August 2020?*


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