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COVID precautions at Camp

Lumen Summer Camp strives to ensure that your child has as much fun as possible whilst in our care, in the safest possible environment. We have worked hard this year to ensure our Camp is structured in such a way to support the current Public Health England measures with regard to COVID. 

The government has announced the greater relaxation of COVID restrictions. Our priority remains however, to ensure the wellbeing of all children and staff, and we will make every effort to prevent disruption to provision as much as possible whilst adhering to the guidelines stipulated by the government and Public Health England. In preparation for the start of Camp the following measures will be in place:

  • We ask parents and carers to maintain an appropriate social distance from one another and members of staff, when on site.
  • We will continue to structure our Camp with defined groups of 20 children who will remain with each other for the whole Camp day. By having defined groups we are able to ensure every child can take part in the daily timetable of games and activities as well as have the opportunity to use the swimming pool. Groups will also ensure that the actions of Camp do not contribute to an increased risk of infection.
  • We will aim to keep our Camp groups as consistent as possible so children can build friendships.
  • If your child develops symptoms of Covid, it is crucial that they do not come to Camp. Advise the Camp Admin team of their absence via email (summercamps@lumenlearningtrust.co.uk) or telephone (07721 021078) and arrange a PCR test at your earliest convenience. Please share the results of your child’s test with the Admin team. Children should not return to Camp until they have received a negative result.
  • As per our Terms and Conditions, non-attendance due to illness is not subject to a refund for any sessions missed.
  • In the event of a child receiving a positive PCR result, NHS Test and Trace will work with the parent/s of the positive child to identify close contacts.
    • In exceptional circumstances NHS Test and Trace may contact Summer Camp to assist in identifying close contacts. We will not automatically close groups and ask children to self-isolate if another child show symptoms or tests positive, unless instructed to do so by NHS Test and Trace.
  • Staff will continue to carry out Lateral Flow Tests (LFT) twice weekly, for the duration of the Camp.

We will also:

  • Maintain good hand hygiene throughout the day with touchpoint cleaning every lunchtime and thorough cleaning each evening by our cleaning contractors.
  • Children will be asked to use hand sanitiser as they enter the minibus each morning and afternoon. Windows will be open to allow for ventilation. If a parent would like their child to wear a facemask on the minibus we are happy for you to provide one and we will assist your child in using it.
  • We ask that parents and carers are asked to maintain an appropriate social distance from one another and members of staff, when on site.
  • Have clear and structured drop off and pick up arrangements.

What we won’t be able to do:

  • Keep the same children in each group for all three weeks of the Camp. One of the things parents love about our Camp is being able to book ad hoc days which means that the children attending each day (even in the same week) will change.
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