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How do I book more than one product at the same time?

In a bid to make our booking portal clearer for parents each Camp product has its own dedicated product page as follows - 

  • Summer Camp Day
  • Camp Assister Day
  • Minibus
  • Early & Late Club

You are able to book more than one product at the same time and pay for all products together. To do this:

1 Log in to the portal
2 Click on 'Book Activity' at the top of the page
3 Click on 'Book' for the first product required
4 Select the child you wish to book for and the required dates.
5 Click on 'Next' until your reach the Summary page. 
6 Click on 'Add another activity' in the bottom right of the screen.
7 Follow steps 3 to 5
8 You will reach the Summary page again where you will see the additional product added to the total amount payable.
9 Once you have selected all you need click on 'Submit booking' to be taken to the payment page.


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