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    What you need to know before your child's first day at Camp

    Please find below some commonly asked questions that you find helpful to ensure you are prepared for your child's first day at the Camp.

    Where and when do I pick up my child in the morning?
    The Camp is based at our Riverbridge Primary school situated in Park Avenue Staines and opens each morning at 8.30am.

    Please drive to the end of Park Avenue and bear round to the right. You will see our Riverbridge car park that can accommodate approximately 35 vehicles. You are able to park here free of charge without the need for a parking ticket. Signage for our Camp will be clearly visible so please just follow the signs.

    Where and when do I pick up my child in the afternoon?
    Our Camp finishes each day at 4.30pm. We understand that factors outside your control may make you a little late in picking up but we ask that you collect your child by 5.00pm at the very latest.

    Please note that the collecting adult will need to give to the Camp staff member releasing your child the security password you gave when registering your child on our payment portal. 

    What happens if my child is ill or I am running late in the morning or evening? How do I contact the Camp?
    Our Camp mobile phone will be in operation everyday from 8.00am to 5.30pm. The number to use is 07935 297847. Texts cannot be replied to but calls are possible. 
    What format will the Camp take? Are children split into groupings depending on age?

    When children arrive at the Camp each morning they will make their way to either the Sand room or Sea room. With the older children in one room and the younger children in another. These rooms will be used to register the children in and as a base to store jumpers, hats and packed lunch boxes. For the rest of the day at the Camp your child is free to interact with all Camp children in whichever way they feel most comfortable - and hopefully make some new friends along the way!

    We plan to have a dedicated play area that the youngest children can use if they feel a little uncertain around the older children. The youngest children will have the choice to stay in their own play area where a selection of activities will be on offer or alternatively they are able to spread their wings and join in any of the other wider activities that are available to all children at the Camp.

    Each day the activities will be introduced to all the children so they can make their choice on what they would like to do and they will be themed to match our daily Camp theme especially when it comes to arts and crafts.

    We plan to run at least 3 activities each hour or so with a mix of sport or arts and crafts and the activities will be on a free flow basis. Children can pick and choose what they would like to do. If any activity has reached maximum occupancy for that hour then it will be on offer again during the same day so children will not feel they have missed out.


    We will not be putting children into pre-determined groups or teams at the Camp - we understand that children may have their own friendship groups also attending Camp and we want all children, regardless of age, to feel comfortable and happy at the Camp. Friends are able to stick together and take part in activities together if they so wish - sometimes having a friend nearby can help with any shyness when mixing with a new group of children.​


    My child needs to leave a little earlier due to an outside appointment. How do I arrange this?
    That is no problem. In this instance, please just make the member of Camp staff at the entrance know on the morning of the arrangement and we will be able to accommodate any change of plans. If you are using the minibus and will not be able to pass a message on personally please contact us via or by calling 07935 297847.

    Can you tell me more about how the minibus works?
    The Camp minibus, driven by a member of the Summer Camp team, will collect and drop off children directly outside the main school gate on each site. The child’s responsible adult MUST stay with the child in the morning until they enter the minibus.

    We will aim to be at Saxon for 7.55am and will leave promptly at 8.05am. We will aim to be at Echelford for 8.15am and will leave promptly at 8.25am. Of course, this may change due to adverse traffic so please be patient if the timings change a little due to this factor.

    For end of day drop offs we will aim to be at Saxon for 4.45pm and Echelford at latest 5.00pm. The minibus will wait at each drop off point for 5 minutes after arrival.

    We will not be able to dismiss a child at their drop off point without an adult being present and supplying the correct security password. This is to ensure that the safety and wellbeing of the children in our care is of paramount importance.

    What's on for the youngest children?
    ​​For our youngest Camp guests we have a dedicated play area led by an experienced Reception year teacher to ensure the more specific needs of this age group are fully met including for play, lunchtime and personal care.

    What can my child wear?
    Children should be dressed appropriately for the weather conditions. We ask where possible that children do not wear skirts, see-through shirts, short-shorts, or clothing with inappropriate logos or writing. All clothing, including shoes must be worn at all times. If the weather is warm and sunny we encourage the use of sun hats. Any sunscreen should be applied prior to coming to the Camp each day but you may send your child with a named tube of cream to top up themselves.

    Children are also welcome to wear fancy dress related to the themed day e.g. an Iron Man costume or Wonder Woman crown on the 30th July for Superheroes day or a diver, mermaid or even a clownfish on the 31st July for Under the Sea day. Please note that it is in no way obligatory that your child wear a themed costume and they can come in everyday clothes if preferred.

    What does my child need to bring with them to Camp?

    Children will need to bring a packed lunch and any snacks they wish to have while at the Camp. Fresh drinking water will be provided for the children throughout the day. We ask that there are no products containing nuts or nut derivatives included to  ensure the wellbeing of all children attending.

    Where can I find out more?

    We ask that all parents read our Code of Conduct and Terms & Conditions prior to their child taking part in our Camp by clicking here