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Lumen Learning Trust

Who's Who

Directors/Trustees of Lumen Learning Trust

Mrs. M.E. McCarthy Director (Executive Principal)
Mr. R. Vango Director (Chair)
Mr. I. Ingham´╗┐´╗┐ Director (Vice-Chair; Chair of Resources Cttee)
Mr. P. Rodin Director
Mrs. L. Ellis-Philip Director (Chair of Govs, Riverbridge Primary)
Mrs W. Sedgwick Director (Chair of Govs, Saxon Primary)
Ms. W. Walford Director (Chair of Govs, Echelford Primary)
Ms. A. Osmond Director
Mr L Bentley Director (Chair of Govs, Walton Oak Primary)
Mrs. L. Wilkins Company Secretary / Clerk

Except for the employment of Mrs M.E. McCarthy as Executive Principal, none of the other Directors with voting rights have a relevant business or pecuniary interest in the Lumen Learning Trust.  The term Director is interchangeable with the term Trustee.

Staff members of the Central operational team

Mrs. M.E. McCarthy Executive Principal
Ms. S. Kober Deputy Executive Principal
Mrs. L. Cosgrave  Communications Officer
Mrs. K. Hearty Head of Finance
Mrs. G. Hicks Head of Operations
Miss N. Morris Leadership Consultant
Mrs. C. Quinn Leadership Consultant
Mrs. J. Wallace Pastoral Co-ordinator
Mr. R. Waters Sports Premium Mentor

Members of the Lumen Learning Trust

Ray Vango
Ian Ingham
Daniel Predergast
Wendy Sedgwick
Wendy Walford


Lumen Learning Trust