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Lumen Learning Trust

Lumen Learning Trust puts the children's needs at the heart of its provision.  We are committed to enabling children become successful lifelong learners and happy, fulfilled adults who can make positive choices about their future.

We are committed to supporting and collaborating with other schools in the development of learning and leadership to create a stimulating and rewarding environment for the whole community.


We are not a one-size-fits-all Trust. We offer a bespoke approach to any school considering joining our MAT.  We have a creative, solution-focused outlook and expect those looking to join us or work with us in this way when considering any aspect of our growth or provision.

Our Schools

Whilst we operate as a multi academy trust, all partner schools are involved at Directorate level as all partner schools' Chairs of Governors are automatically Directors of the Trust.

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Lumen Learning Trust

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  • Inspirational Learning Spaces

    Lumen Learning Trust

    We are at the forefront of developing environments that ensure the joy of teaching and learning extends beyond the traditional classroom and into immersive learning spaces.

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