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Lumen Learning Trust

Who's Who

Directors/Trustees of Lumen Learning Trust

Mrs M E McCarthy Director (Executive Principal)
Mr R Vango Director (Chair) (Chair of Govs, Darley Dene Primary)
Mr I Ingham´╗┐´╗┐ Director (Vice-Chair; Chair of Resources Cttee)
Mr P Rodin Director
Mrs L Ellis-Philip Director
Mrs A Williams Director (Chair of Govs, Echelford Primary)
Mrs T Salotera Director (Chair of Govs, Riverbridge Primary)
Mr K Patel Director (Chair of Govs, Walton Oak Primary)
Mrs M Reid Director (Chair of Govs, Darley Dene Primary)
Mrs J Roberts Director (Chair of Govs, Saxon Primary)
Ms A Osmond Director
Mr E Bennett Director
Mrs L Sunderland Director

Except for the employment of Mrs M E McCarthy as Executive Principal, none of the other Directors with voting rights have a relevant business or pecuniary interest in the Lumen Learning Trust.  The term Director is interchangeable with the term Trustee.

Staff members of the Central operational team

Mrs M E McCarthy Executive Principal
Ms S Kober Deputy Executive Principal
Mrs S Muir Head of Finance & Operations
Mrs N Malik Finance Officer
Miss N Joyce Finance Assistant
Mrs J Boulton School Business Leader
Mrs J Williams School Business Leader
Mrs J Tozer School Business Leader
Mrs G Murphy Operations Manager
Mrs L Cosgrave Communications, Data Protection & Policies Lead
Mr M Scotton Estates Manager
Mrs J Wallace Pastoral Co-ordinator
Mrs A Plummer Human Resources Assistant
Mrs E Prior Human Resources Assistant

Members of the Lumen Learning Trust

Mr R Vango
Mrs C Murray
Mr D Prendergast
Mrs W Sedgwick


Lumen Learning Trust