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My child's dismissal arrangements

Please select the method of collection for your child for each day of the week.

Please list up to three adults you allow to collect your child from school. These three collectors will be registered against your child and held in a class dismissal register by the class teacher.

Any of three collectors can collect your child on any day. You will NOT need to notify the school office if a last minute change of one of these three collectors occurs.

If the collector changes to a person not named below you will be required to contact the school office to confirm your consent for your child to be collected by them by 1pm latest. If you do not notify the office in advance the class teacher will not be able to release your child without first contacting you for approval which will result in a delay in your child leaving school.

 Name of collectorName your child knows them by e.g. Nanny, Uncle JackRelationship to your childContact number
Collector 1
Collector 2
Collector 3
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