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Enrichment Clubs Summer 2018

Below you are able to select up to three clubs that your child would like to attend during our Summer Term.

Places are limited in each club but we will do our utmost to allocate at least one of your options to your child.

Please be aware that the three option boxes below are for an equal preference system; it will not be assumed that the club selected in Option 1 is your child's first choice. If your child is only keen to do one club​ you are welcome to select just this club, however please be advised that this does not guarantee a place in that club for your child.​ We very much hope that your child would be equally happy to participate in a number of different clubs and that they will be encouraged to select three so that they are more likely to gain a place in at least one after school activity.

You will be notified via text as to the clubs your child has secured a place in.

Please note the closing date for choosing clubs for your child is Friday 23rd March. Any choices received after the closing date will be treated as late and will not be considered until all on time choices have been processed which may jeopardise the chance of your child being offered one of their preferred clubs.

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