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Wednesday 9th August

Today was another day of creativity as children delved into the world of Super Mario… 


As part of big art, children worked together to create their very own Super Mario Kart, using a variety of resources to model and then paint their spectacular cars. Some worked on the wheels, others took on the interior and the day was finished off with an excellent paint job by the final group of the day. It was certainly ready for the likes of Bowser’s Castle and Rainbow Road!  Another arts and crafts activity that the children took part in was creating their own Super Mario characters, some children used the original characters while other children used their imaginations to invent their own characters. 


Using Super Mario skills the children took part in an obstacle course, pretending they were in a Super Mario game - who wouldn’t want to take part in this activity? The children also immersed themselves in the Super Mario world by playing dodgeballs, pretending the balls were the ominous turtle shells. Another physical activity that the children took part in was curling; we created a Summer Camp Rainbow Road to battle out and see who would remain victorious by avoiding turtle shells, bananas and Bowser. 


What a wonderful day we have had as we entered into the magical world of Mario!  Tomorrow, we will be venturing into the Wild Wild West as we travel back in time to practise our sheriffing!

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