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Tuesday 8th August

YAD SDRAWKCAB - can you work out what it means? 

Backwards day of course! Today was all things backwards, as we put ourselves into an upside down, Topsy Turvy world. There was lots to explore at camp today, starting with backwards Zebras, where we used lots of vibrant colours to give them a bit of a makeover and a change from their usual black and white stripes. Continuing on with our arts and crafts theme, the children created some portraits of themselves as well as others, taking on an abstract approach to produce some excellent pieces of work. 

Children further showcased their superb creative skills by creating their very own, upside down worlds. There was lots to talk about and plenty of ideas shared amongst campers as they had people walking on the roads and cars driving on the pavements, whilst others turned houses upside down and had bedrooms in the garden! 

Today was another magical dance day in the music studio where children bopped along to the music, showing off their backwards moves as they created a performance to Backwards by Rascal Flatts! 

In the hall, children took it in turns to have a go at shooting hoops backwards through different targets. It was super tricky to try and get the ball on target, but the children worked really hard and showed great perseverance through the whole activity. 

Despite the soggy weather, we still made the most of backwards day in sports and had fun moving around (or not) to the music in a game of backwards musical statues. When the music played, children had to stand still but as it stopped they had to show off their best dance moves! Alongside this, children also played backwards Simon Says and backwards Rhythm Master.

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