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Monday 7th August

Today at camp we have travelled back in time for our Horrible Histories Day!

We travelled to Ancient Egypt for one of our crafts and made our very own King Tutankhamun headdresses using a variety of resources. We used this as inspiration to also create our own headdresses inspired by the other pharaohs of Ancient Egypt. For our other craft, we travelled to Medieval times and created our very own shields. Using cardboard to create the structure and making our own designs and patterns on the front, these shields are ready for battle!

Out on the field, we travelled to Ancient Rome and went chariot racing! Using our ingenuity we made our very own chariots in small groups and then raced them around a small track! Many children showed a great deal of perseverance going back to this activity to develop their chariot and ensure it could go further and quicker. Do you think you would be able to take on the challenge?

We also travelled back in time to the origins of Canada, playing the hundreds of years old game of lacrosse. Lots of the children had fun playing a new and different sport. 

A popular activity today involved creating a castle - however unlike many of the castle ruins we still see today, the children were challenged to use sticks and packing peanuts to create their structure. The children were ingenious in the shapes and structures they created. 

Tomorrow one of the most popular themes returns and we hope you are prepared as it is Backwards Day!

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