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Tuesday 1st August

Today, campers of all ages have delved into the wonders of magic, becoming witches and wizards and casting spells on those who crossed their paths. Spells have flown across the sky whilst children have gone about their day, ensuring that they are fully prepared to be the best witch or wizard that they can be… 

Whilst some children conjured up mysterious potions, using all kinds of gruesome ingredients such as dragon's blood and unicorn tears to make their magical mixtures, others went in search of the perfect wand to be decorated to the needs of each individual witch or wizard. To really make sure they felt prepared, children also made themselves their very own hats and miniature witch and wizard models, racing them with each other across the peculiar skies of Walton Oak! 

In addition to this, children took on a range of challenges in the Wizard relays, competing against each other to win the title and be crowned the number one Wizard. Don’t be fooled, these challenges were far from easy, making even the most fearless of people quiver in fright. Once children had shown their skills in the relays, they could be sorted into different houses in a game of four corners, travelling on their broomsticks to get from one place to another. 

All in all, it really has been a mysterious yet magical day here at Summer Camp. What weird and wonderful spells can you think of?

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