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Monday 31st July

Week 2 of Summer Camp 2023 has got off to a flying start as we have been jet setting around the globe for our Around the World Day. 

A favourite activity of Summer Camp is a Scavenger Hunt and today we searched the whole Walton Oak site, including Woody Oakes for a range of flags from countries all over the world. Some children challenged themselves further by matching the flags to a country without any clues! When the rain began to pour over Walton Oak we moved this activity inside and completed a range of crossword puzzles, flag matching quizzes and much more!

Utilising the theme of Around the World we played the world’s most popular sport, football, pitching countries against countries. The children thoroughly enjoyed playing football, bringing all their favourite skills to Summer Camp. 

We also went outside to explore orienteering, as we travel around the world we have to think about navigating ourselves from one place to another. Children challenged themselves to navigate themselves around the course as quickly as possible. 

In the Arts and Crafts room, children have been creating their own globes and hot air balloons to explore our wonderful world! We have also been busy creating paper cut molas, a beautiful style of art from Panama! 

Please remember that this week we have children with severe allergies in camp, we have sent out communication to ensure no pack lunches have no fish or shellfish! We also have children with a severe sesame allergy which can be found in foods such as hummus, buns and cereal bars.

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