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Friday 28th July

Our final day of camp for this week has come to an end and what a week it has been! Every day has given us a different theme but today has been the battle of Kings and Queens… 

In big art, the children have worked together to produce a giant cardboard castle, complete with turrets, windows and even a drawbridge. The model, although not quite lifesize, was based off of a real life castle and contains all the features a real one would. 

Out on the field, children have competed in some Royal Hockey - trying to score points for their team. Who do you think won? Do you think a real king or queen has ever played hockey? As well as this, children enjoyed a range of circle games in the hall, including: knights around the table (wink murder) and kings & queens rock, paper, scissors. 

In arts and crafts today, children have worked on their very own crowns and princess hats, styling them in a variety of different ways and choosing lots of different materials to decorate them with. On a much smaller scale but equally as brilliant, children also had the chance to create their own castle collage, using different cut out pieces to put together a picture of a castle. The ideas were creative and imaginative, taking on many different styles from different periods of time. 

Monday’s theme is around the world, which will see us on an awesome adventure to many different countries - who knows where we’ll end up! 

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Happy Friday - here’s to a great weekend.

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