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Thursday 27th July

What an exciting day it has been at camp as we have been on an impossible mission! We have seen some excellent spy costumes, many children unrecognisable in their super cool, blacked out sunglasses and fantastic suits. Despite the slightly gloomy weather, we made the most of the activities on offer and really did find ourselves on some top secret missions. 

In arts and crafts, children created their very own spy goggles and wristbands, which they were able to use to communicate with other spies to give out secret messages. Whilst some children were getting their gadgets up and running, others were completing their spy training in order to graduate from spy school! They had many different obstacles to overcome and had to work as a team to complete the course. Are you daring enough to give it a go? 

One very popular activity for today was slime making! Children made the most of getting their hands mucky and mixing many different colours to create some gloopy delights. In dance, children moved their bodies to the mission impossible theme tune, following some excellent moves and performing their routines for the rest of Summer Camp to see. 

And finally, for spies to be the best they can possibly be, they need to be able to escape rooms and crack codes as quickly as possible. Children worked together to find the clues, read the muddled messages and figure out the secret word of the day. Thankfully, all of the children involved made it out safely and in time to go home! 

Tomorrow’s theme is Kings and Queens - who do you think will build the best castle?

Thank you so much to those who have already brought in donations - it really is greatly appreciated! If you do still have donations that you haven't been able to drop off, don't worry we are still gladly accepting them!

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