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Thursday 10th August

Yee-haw it has been a brilliant day at camp today as we explored the Wild Wild West. We had so much fun making our own sheriff badges, cowboy hats and wanted posters; some of us created beautiful and artistic cacti! 


During our sports session we played games that involved collecting gold and going up against different teams to see who could collect the most. The cowboys worked together to complete a number of set tasks in the time given and without the sheriffs catching them - not an easy feat when up against the best sheriffs in town! 


For one activity we developed our cowboy skills by lassoing 'tennis balls' with small hoops, practising our aim of tin cans and panning for gold. We ventured down to Woody Oakes and using our frontier skills panned for small pieces of this precious metal, many of us struck gold and found small pieces!


As part of our arts and crafts session today, children went about creating their own wanted posters to help catch some on the run criminals, cowboy hats that they could show off around camp today, and sheriff’s badges to show they really meant business! It was great to see such a wonderful variety of craft. 


We all had a great deal of fun learning some country dancing moves in our performing arts workshop and we also played the part of cowboys and cowgirls in a fun circle game. 


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