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Tuesday 20th July

Myths & Legends Day

Summer Camp was taken over by an array of mythical creatures today. Many unicorns and dragons invaded our grounds; luckily, they were a friendly bunch. We have thoroughly enjoyed creating our own mythical creatures across the day including mask making and our very own Summer Camp photo boards with myths and legends twist. In the pool, we’ve attempted to swim in the style of various creatures including water dragons. In the afternoon, some of us went on a hunt for fairies in the forest - they were all hiding and we had to search high and low for them all. Many of us displayed our competitive nature whilst taking part in an Ancient Greek style chariot race - we even made our own chariots from scratch. At the end of the day, we all came together to play a group game of dragon’s treasure where we had to be careful not to wake the dragon whilst trying to steal its beloved treasure. Are you ready to head to the swamp? Tomorrow, it’s Shrek day and we cannot wait!

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