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Wednesday 21st July

Shrek Day

We’ve all waded through the swamp and bumped into many famous fairytale characters along the way. Our first ever Shrek day has been swamp-tastic! Some of us have peeled back another layer to become ogres; we’ve made ogre headbands and giant feet. Outside, many of us were tasked with rescuing the princess from the dragon’s lair by shooting as many hoops as possible. Additionally, we had to cross the swamp safely without getting caught by any villains - this proved a real challenge but we put up a good fight, just like Shrek would. Across the day, party tunes could be heard from various rooms where Shrek-style karaoke was taking place; we even played some party games such as musical statues. At the end of the day, all of the ogres came together on the field to play a game of ‘Smelly Swamp Bomb’ - no one wanted to be left with the smelly swamp bomb in their hands. Tomorrow, we prepare for battle in our Summer Camp Ninja Warrior day!

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