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Thursday 22nd July

Ninja Warrior Day

It’s been high kicks and karate chops all round at Summer Camp today as the children have entered Ninja mode. Many started the day by making ninja headbands that they then donned for the rest of the day; one group (the Rainbow Ninjas) even had four different teams and decorated their headbands accordingly. We’ve played a number of games including ninja bomb and hide and seek, ninja-style. To prepare us for battle, some of us have taken part in a ninja warrior style obstacle course which was epic. In the pool, we have tested out our ninja moves to see what impact the water has - we certainly caused a splash. This afternoon, Sea and Shades battled it out against Sun and Starfish with an enormous amount of ninja bombs. Our older ninjas have been practising the skill of origami to make ninja stars that they have then used to play a target game - they even created their own target boards which looked fantastic. It’s time to get our bright colours on and prepare for one huge party because tomorrow, it’s Carnival Day!

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