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Friday 23rd July

Carnival Day

We have been boogying all day long as we have celebrated the end of an incredible first week of Summer Camp with our very own Carnival day! Music and cheers have been heard across camp and the children have thoroughly enjoyed taking part in a dance workshop led by one of our very own members of camp staff. We’ve got into the carnival spirit by making stunning carnival headdresses and masks which we have been wearing throughout the day. In addition, we have given the party added flavour by decorating cupcakes and enjoying them as a little celebratory treat. We have loved our fun swimming sessions, especially playing catch with the water balls. Outside, some of us played a game of ‘Capture the Carnival Feathers’ - it was a tense game. At the end of the day, all of us came together to showcase the dance routines that we had learnt in our dance workshop session, followed by a large conga - it was a fantastic way to conclude the end of our first week of camp! On Monday, we are looking ahead as we step ‘Into the Future’.

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