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Monday 26th July

Into the Future Day

The clocks were wound forward today as we headed into the future. From robots to new modes of transport, we’ve had a glimpse of what might be to come in future years. Some of us have made our very own jet-packs that we have worn whilst racing against one another; they sure did provide us with super-speed. In our art workshop, we’ve experimented with watercolour and wax candles to create space themed artwork - they look ‘out of this world’. Outside, we’ve been considering different ways that we will be able to travel in the future such as having balls for wheels. Some of us made a gigantic rocket that we were able to play in throughout the day. To remember 2021 in the very best way possible, some of us made time capsules; we wonder how much will have changed in years to come. Dragon’s Den would have loved to see some of our new inventions today - we are sure the Dragons would have invested. At the end of the day, we held an art exhibition to showcase what we had all created in the art workshop as well as within our craft sessions today. Get ready for a magical day as tomorrow is Witches and Wizards day.

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