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Tuesday 27th July

Witches and Wizards Day

Today we’ve had spells of naughty and nice; some people have been turned into princes or mice. The witches and wizards of Summer Camp have been out in full force creating all sorts of magical chaos. We’ve been on a hunt for our very own wizard wands and decorated them to suit our unique ways as well as to give them their magical powers. In addition, we’ve donned witch and wizard hats to really get us into character. Outside, some of us went on a hunt for hidden golden snitches and were tasked with various challenges along the way. Many of us enjoyed a game of ‘pin the glasses on Harry Potter’ - it put us in a real spin. Some of us enjoyed messy play in our very own cauldron. To put spells on people, we have created our own potions filled with all kinds of weird and wonderful ingredients including unicorn tears and dragon saliva. During our sports sessions, some of us have played Quidditch and others have enjoyed broomstick races. At the end of the day, we all came together to play a group game of Harry Potter Says. worromot pmac ot emoc ot tiaw tonnac eW. That’s right, it’s Backwards Day!

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