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Wednesday 4th August

Down at the Farm Day

Lumen Summer Camp has been 'down at the farm', E-I-E-I-O. Animal noises have been heard all around camp today; from a moo to an oink, we’ve heard it all as the children have become some of the most loved farm animals. We’ve donned our animal ears and practised our best animal impressions which we were in need of ahead of our ‘Old Macdonald’ singing competition that we held at the end of the day. Each group chose an animal to become and sang loud and proud in a group sing-along of the famous farm-themed nursery rhyme. Some groups have made their own animal puppet pals and put on a puppet show for their friends - complete with the appropriate animal noises of course. Outside, many children enjoyed an intense game of Farmers vs Foxes where the foxes had to escape the farmers where possible. Piggy in the middle has been a popular game today. Some of the older children crafted their own spoons in an engineering challenge to prepare them for competing in egg and spoon races - we’ve seen a real range of spoon shapes and sizes. A particular highlight of our day was the much awaited water fight - we especially liked trying to soak the adults! Get your camouflage outfits ready as tomorrow, we hope to make new discoveries on Explorer Day!

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