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Thursday 5th August

Explorers Day

We’ve been peering through our binoculars all day long as we have become epic explorers. Outside, we had to try and locate a range of different items based on photos that we were provided with - it took us on a great adventure across the entire outdoor area of camp. Additionally, many of us have taken a trip to the forest where we were using our binoculars - that we created ourselves - to identify a range of creatures including newts and mini beasts. We’ve been getting crafty with some of us making  mini magnifying glasses to help us when taking a closer look at what we’ve discovered. We were also treated to a special art workshop led by one of our talented camp members of staff where we made sun-catchers and mobiles using natural resources that we were required to hunt for. During our sports sessions, we’ve been taking part in ‘survival of the fittest’ style challenges that really put us to the test. Some of us created salt-dough fossils; we loved getting messy doing so. We’ve been using and creating maps to help us on our exploring adventures. Some children faced the challenge of digging out items from an ‘ice cave’ - they made a heap of discoveries. At the end of the day, we came together to play a group game of ‘Explorer Bingo’ - the Sand team were triumphant, getting a full house first. Tomorrow, we prepare for our curtains to close on yet another epic Summer Camp by hosting our very own Lumen Summer Camp’s ‘The Masked Performer’. We cannot wait to see the range of talent on display with the performers being hidden in a variety of masks.

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