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Camp Diary


Spelfest has been an epic finale to the Lumen Summer Camp - and we could not have asked for better weather for it!

It has been lovely to see the children wearing their bright festival clothing, topped off by the flower crowns and bracelets, and friendships bracelets they have been making throughout the day. To end the day, children have taken part in a Talent Show where they demonstrated their phenomenal skills in joke-telling, dancing, hoola-hooping and playing hot potato with a water balloon!

You can view the photos from today and the rest of our Summer Camp fortnight on the Camp Photos page.

We would like to take this opportunity to say an enormous thank you to all of the children and parents who have made our first Summer Camp so special. We hope that the rest of your summer is wonderful, and that you enjoy it as much as you have these last two weeks. Hope to see you all next year.


Another brilliant day at the Lumen Summer Camp, with our fantastic Around the World theme.

The children have made fruit kebabs, for which they had to design an Around the World themed plate to showcase it on. Children have also had the chance to ride the smoothie bike today in order to create their own delicious tropical smoothies! 

Continuing with our, children created their own skylines including famous landmarks. Check out our photo page and see if you can you guess where they are from! We had some wonderful Big Bens and an amazing Eiffel Tower. Finally the children tried their hand at 'beach' volleyball.

They were exhausted from crossing so many time zones, but summoned the energy to compete in an Around the World dance off at the end of the day. You will find the photos from today on our Camp Photos page. 

We can't believe that tomorrow is the last day of our Summer Camp...it has come round too quickly. We plan to go out in style tomorrow with the amazing Spelfest - a festival for all ages. See you in the morning.


All hail Myths and Legends Day! We fought the rain to have a brilliant day full of dragons, duels and royalty.

The children have had a wonderful time desgining their own shields, swords and dragons. They were then able to use these in the enormous castles they built (thank you all so much for remembering to bring in your recycling so that the children could do this). We have had dragons, unicorns, princes and princesses wandering around all day - thanks to some fantastic face paint. Finally, they all competed in legendary team challenges, followed by game of Dragon's Treasure to finish off the day.

You can see pictures from the day's fun and games on the Camp Photos page by clicking here.

We're all looking forward to travelling the world with the children tomorrow, let's hope the rain stays away but don't forget your rain coats - just in case!


Yad Sdrawkcab has been tnaillirb! The children have been amazing, may of them have worn their clothes backwards all day and have been calling each other by their backwards names!

The children have done everything backwards today, they created backwards road maps which included upside down houses, trees, bridges and ponds, and drove their toy cars in reverse around the roads. They played backwards football (which started in the goal) and competed in backwards races - crawling backwards is not as easy as you might first think. This afternoon they have drawn backwards portraits of one another, standing back-to-back they had to describe their face to their partner who drew what was described to them. A backwards treasure hunt and backwards Stuck in the Mud were hilarious good fun at the end of the day. Enjoy looking through our photos from today on the Camp Photos page.

We're excited for Myths and Legends day tomorrow. Will you be a princess or a prince? A knight or a dragon? A wizard or a mythical creature?


Bello! It's Minions Day!

We've had a wonderful day, full of Minion madness. The shouts of BELLO! and BANANA! have been going on all day, and we even had a visit from Bob and Stuart (luckily we got a photo of them both!).

The children have been busy making their own Minions, building gigantic rockets (thank you for bringing in your recycling to make this possible), playing Minion team games and Minion rounders!

They even had the chance to play Minion Rush - a game where the Minions have to complete a range of challenges and obstacles, collecting bananas to munch on as they go. You can see how they got on by clicking on the Camp Photos folder.

So tomorrow is Yad Sdrawkcab (or Backwards Day)! We are all going to try and get dressed backwards, can you do it too? See you in the morning for more fun and games.


Our Olympics theme was the perfect way to round off Week 1 of the Lumen Summer Camp. 

The children began by working together to design a country that they would spend the day competing for, they also had to design their country's flag and team kit. Once they had finished, each country took their turn to perform a welcome at the Opening Ceremony.

The children took part in various track and field events including sprints, egg and spoon races, space hopper races, obstacle courses, long jump, throwing and welly wanging (sure to be the next official Olympic sport). They finished the day with a fantastic closing ceremony which included performances from each team. Well done to all of the children for a truly brilliant day, and particular congratulations to Clamslivilov - the winning team for the day.

A huge thank you to the team for their tireless efforts and relentless enthusiasm this week - can't wait to begin again on Monday! Don't forget your AVL membership cards.

Check out the pictures from today's events on the Camp Photos page, or by clicking here.


We had four seasons in one day today at the Lumen Summer Camp. The children played at the beach and had a water fight, then they made snowballs and had a snowball fight with Mr Lockyer! The children made calendars and one of the groups created some seasonal fashions, which they later paraded down the catwalk at the Lumen Fashion Show.

This morning, we were visited by a British Red Cross ambulance crew. They came to show the children what happens inside an ambulance and how to put someone into the recovery position in an emergency situation. The children even got to hear the siren and bull horn! A huge thank you to Nicola Buchan for organising this opportunity for the children, and to Andy and Bryn for leading such engaging and informative sessions for the children.

We hope you enjoy looking at all of the photos from today, you can find them on the Camp Photos page, or by clicking here. Whilst you look, don't forget to limber up ready for tomorrow, it's the Olympics and we're looking forward to seeing everyone's personal best.


Grey skies created the perfect erie atmosphere for our Dinosaur Day! Never ones to let the rain dampen their spirits the children loved wearing their dinorsaur crowns and face paints all day.

There were lots of different dinosaur races happening today, as well as highly competitive games of pin the tail on the dinosaur and dinosaur rounders. The children were very creative today, scavenging bones to make enormous walking dinosurs, making paper plate dinosaurs, and building dinosaur nests.

It was a roaring good day all round and, come rain or shine, we're excited for tomorrow and are busily preparing our stash of ballons for the water fight.

Enjoy looking at our photos from the day in the Camp Photos folder (you'll just have to imagine the roars!).


Another magical day at camp today. Our Harry Potter theme was bought to life by the children as they built Hogwarts in different forms and used them for some wonderful role playing games with the wands and potions they had made during the day.

The children also enjoyed decorating biscuits with every bit of icing they could put their hands on! These were washed down with blackberry juice the children made using blackberries from the field.

We rounded off the day with a ride on the Hogwarts Express, Quidditch matches and team games. Can't wait to step back in time to the Jurassic period...better watch out though - we don't want to be eaten by a T-rex, or swiped by an Ankylosaurus.

Our wizarding pictures can be found in the Camp Photos page, or by clicking here.


What an amazing first day! 

We had so many superheroes come and visit us today, including Batman, Spiderman and Wonder Woman.

The children have enjoyed their first day at the Lumen Summer camp and here are some of the things they have especially enjoyed doing:

Making superhero handprints

Playing superhero team games

Completing a superhero scavenger hunt

Showing off their super powers!

We are really excited for tomorrow's theme - Harry Potter. What witchery and wizardry will take place I wonder....

Check out our photos from the day here.


One week to go!

We're excited to get started with the Lumen Summer Camp and are looking forward to welcoming our first campers next Monday. What are you looking forward to the most?

Face painting, cooking, big art, mini olympics ... or a bit of everything?

Don't forget to check out our Themes page to know what our activities will be linked to each day.

REMEMBER: Online booking closes on Thursday 27th July at 8:00pm.

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