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Where to find teaching jobs

Whether you have decided to move schools, or are finishing a Teacher-Training programme, the task of finding a teaching position you will be happy in is incredibly important. Follow these tips to help you search for jobs.

Agency route
These may be convenient, but have some drawbacks. Firstly, they cost an awful lot to schools, with fees starting at around £4,000. Although it may well be convenient to look for jobs using an agency, in reality, you are likely to be offered to everyone with a position and schools would prefer you approach them directly.

Local Schools
Many local schools do not accept unsolicited CVs. Instead, send a courteous email to the school secretary asking for current vacancies. You may like to follow this up with a phone call a few days later, but avoid calling at school arrival/departure times, or lunchtimes.

National Advert
Still the most popular route for advertising a teaching job, websites such as Eteach host many jobs, with lots of role details and application forms. Bear in mind that when advertised nationally, there is a far greater pool of applicants, so the field becomes more competitive, meaning you will have to make your application stand out to really make the grade.

School Websites
Lots more schools are advertising positions on their own school pages, as this has the lowest expense, although it is very localised. Use a map on a search website to find schools in the areas you wish to work in, and look at each individual school’s website. Not only will this show any vacancies, it will also give you a flavour of the school itself.

This information is provided by the Lumen Learning Trust.  You can get in contact in two ways:

  1. Contact with our Communications Officer, Lisa Cosgrave on lisa.cosgrave@lumenlearningtrust.co.uk and she can make an appointment for you to meet with one of our senior leaders to talk through your ideas    OR
  2. Complete the teacher application form found on our Recruitment page and send it to Lisa who will pass it to one of the Headteachers or Mrs. McCarthy, our Executive Principal.
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