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Day 8 - Sdrawkcab Yad

Another brilliant backward, topsy-turvy day at the Lumen Summer Camp.

We have had a fantastic day filled with backwards activities which has been awful (backwards translation: awful = amazing). The children really embraced the day wearing their clothes backwards and their shoes on their heads, and using opposite words. We were all greeted this morning with many 'Goodbyes!' and 'Goodnights!'.

We have had such a lot on today: backwards bowling, backwards skipping, backwards space hoppers, backwards building, backwards football, backwards capture the treasure, and backwards basketball! We've even been doing backwards art, creating the opposite half of a painting by printing.

Our Big Art this afternoon was creating Topsy Turvy Town. The children worked together to create upside down buildings for this fun adventure, including fire stations and shops, and then played with it this afternoon by driving their cars backwards down the roads to visit different places. They even pretended to eat ham sandwiches for lunch, which of course was made up of two slices of ham with a slice of bread in the middle!

You can find photos of this and the rest of our day by clicking here.

We finished off the day with backwards relay races and prizes. Hopefully we will remember to turn ourselves around ready for tomorrow, so that we can make sure that our rocket heads off in the right direction to find the Milky Way. We're ready for lift off, are you?

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