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Lumen Summer Camp 2020

We are delighted to announce that we will be operating a Summer Camp for 2020 at our Saxon site in Shepperton. Now in its fourth year the Camp goes from strength to strength with record levels of children attending during summer 2019.

Led by Pippa Kober and Hannah Redman we again wish to recruit Lumen staff to form the 2020 Camp team. The strength of our staff team continues to attract parents to the Camp year after year. The confidence they have in the quality of care their child will receive as well as the knowledge that our safeguarding procedures are exemplary is not matched by other local provision.

When will the Camp take place next year?

The Camp will start immediately after the end of term (for most of our Lumen schools) next summer. It will run for three weeks from Monday 20th July through to Friday 7th August.

Feedback from parents in 2019 was that the break between the end of term and our Camp starting was tricky to manage. This pattern allows for seamless child care for our parent community.

This scheduling will also allow Lumen staff who secure a role at Camp to have a full three week break after Camp ends and before the new academic year starts in September.

Where will it take place?

It will operate from our Saxon site again for 2020. The exclusive use of a swimming pool is a real draw for parents and children and is an essential activity on the Camp timetable. In addition, the Saxon site is in a central position for all Lumen schools therefore able to attract the maximum number of parents.


What's new in the product offering for 2020?

2019 parent surveys indicated that the Camp was inflexible for full time working parents. We will therefore be offering an Early Club and Late Club which means the Camp can accommodate children from 8.10am through to 5.45pm.

In previous years our Camp has been available for children ages 3-11. Parents of older siblings have historically struggled to find childcare for older children so that all their children can be together in one location. In an attempt to cater to this demand we will be offering a limited number of daily spaces for children aged 12-16. These older children will have the opportunity to assist Camp staff similar to that of a work experience set-up. Opportunities for work experience can be difficult to find so combining childcare with a chance for older children to build their teamwork skills and problem solving resilience within a safe environment may be a unique selling point among our families.

The minibus shuttle service we provide between our Saxon, Echelford and Riverbridge school sites has been an enormous draw for parents. Demand for seats are high and has stopped parents from booking a Camp place for their child if they cannot secure a minibus place. To counter this a new minibus route will be available to and from our Walton Oak and Darley Dene school sites as well as extra seats available for Echelford and Riverbridge. From 2020 we will be charging a daily fee of £1.00 per return journey but this still remains an affordable and unique service that cannot be offered by other local summer childcare providers.

What roles will be available for 2020?

Careful consideration has been given to the staffing structure of the Lumen Camp and subsequently benchmarked against other local provisions. Our daily rates are extremely competitive and the opportunity to work in a familiar environment with colleagues (and children) you already know is something that has been highly regarded by previous Camp staff.

Being part of the Summer Camp provides staff with the chance to spend time with the children simply having fun. You are not bound by the constraints of the curriculum or the formality of the school environment. Camp allows staff and children to form a camaraderie and take part in activities that allows more of a child’s (and staff member’s) unique personality and interests to shine through.

For 2020 you are able to apply for the following roles:

Camp Group Coordinator
The age ranges of children attending in 2019 varied from day to day. To ensure all age ranges at Camp have a full, varied and stimulating programme of activities supported by suitable staff:child ratios there will be three Camp Group Coordinators (previously known as a Camp Group Leader) to support a Youngers, Middles and Olders group of children.

Camp Group Coordinators will:

  • Oversee the programme of activities in accordance with the timetable, ensuring adequate levels of resources are available.
  • Ensure morning registration and end of day dismissal is completed.
  • Move freely between age groupings each day depending on booking levels and needs.
  • Where numbers necessitate, create smaller activity groups to ensure all children can access the activities on offer and allocate Camp Group Assistants to these groups.

Daily rate: £120.00
Hours: 7:45am – 5.45pm

Camp Group Assistant
Camp Group Coordinators will be supported by Camp Group Assistants (previously known as Camp staff members).

Camp Group Assistants will:

  • Lead smaller activity groups allowing greater autonomy to lead and influence the activity that is underway as well as enabling Assistants to put their own creative stamp on activities.
  • Carry out daily preparations prior to children arriving as well as tidy up routines at end of day.
  • Move freely between age groupings each day depending on booking levels and needs.

Daily rate: £90.00
Hours: 7.45am – 5.45pm

On-call Camp Group Assistants
As well as permanent members of staff we are looking to recruit at least 4 on-call Camp Group Assistants for each day the Camp is in operation. This will allow us the necessary flexibility to ensure our ratios remain at suitable levels taking into account the level of bookings, any staff illness absence and other exceptional circumstances.

On-call staff will carry out the same duties as a permanent Camp Group Assistant.

Daily rate: £90.00
Hours: 7.45am – 5.45pm


What is expected of me leading up to the Camp?

There will be some necessary training and preparation prior to the Camp starting. In previous years this has taken place on one of the Inset Days at the end of the summer term. For 2020 training will take place as 2 twilight sessions. These sessions will take place during the latter half of Term 6. The sessions are planned to start at 4.00pm and end at approximately 6.00pm.

All Camp staff are expected to attend, permanent and on-call staff alike. Camp staff will not be paid for attending these sessions however TA and admin staff are able to add these hours to their training record.


How to apply for a role

If you think a role at our Camp sounds like an exciting and unique opportunity to have a positive and fun influence on our children’s holiday time next summer we would be delighted to receive your completed application. You can find the application form in the left hand side menu or by clicking here.


The deadline to submit your application has now been extended to Friday 10th January.
Offers of employment will be sent to candidates week beginning Monday 20th January.
The deadline to accept an offer of employment will be Monday 27th January.

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