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Day 11 - Emojis


Emoji day has been full of smiles and laughing faces. The children have been particularly creative today, making their own emoji necklaces to wear throughout the day and use to tell their friends how they are feeling. They have also made emoji pencil toppers to decorate their pencils at home.

Children have used their imagination to create emojis using a range of construction materials including lego, magnetic shapes, wooden blocks, flour and K'nex. There have been some familiar looking faces amongst their creations but it has been lovely to see the children design their own emojis as well.

Hot Emoji was a popular choice with children today as they had to pass the emoji around the circle and hope not to end up with it at the end. Children have also played diamond cricket and showed off their hockey skills in the hall this afternoon. There was an emoji hunt for all of the children today where they had to either draw or tick off, the different faces they found around the school grounds. To complete the day, all children decorated an emoji biscuit before we brought them all together for a game of emoji corners.

You can see everyone's :) faces in our photo gallery. Click here to go straight to it.

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