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    Riverbridge meet Korky Paul

    64 Riverbridge children walked to Waterstones to meet the illustrator Korky Paul on World Book Day.

    On Thursday 1st March Riverbridge celebrated World Book Day. Some of the children from each of the three bases were lucky enough to visit Waterstones, the book shop on Staines High Street and to meet Korky Paul the famous illustrator of books like “Winnie the Witch”.

    Korky Paul taught the children that to be a good illustrator they had to have a good imagination! He then tested this by asking the children to imagine a “Snorky Snore!”. The children had great fun deciding what kind of nose it should have and how big it’s feet should be. Thomas  was then the delighted winner of the “Snorky Snore” picture which he got to take home.

    Hana was then chosen to have her portrait drawn – although it didn’t look exactly like Hana! Of course Korky Paul drew a Hana O’Saurus portrait and transformed Hana into a dinosaur on a skate board much to her suprize! The children found this particularly amusing. Hana was also able to take her signed portrait home to treasure.

    Evan was the next lucky student to work with Korky. He too had his portrait drawn in the style of a dinosaur – an Evan O’ Saurus Rex!

    Finally the children were treated to a signed copy of Winnie the Witch flies again,  to take home and read. The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience and some even mentioned how they would like to become illustrators themselves – Watch out Korky Paul!

    Click on Winnie the Witch to visit her website.

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