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Tuesday 28th July 2020

No children turned up to Summer Camp today; instead, we were inundated with the very best superheroes. Across the day, we have ensured we are ‘superhero ready’ by making personalised masks and cuffs to wear. Additionally, we have built cities and then defended them in fierce Avengers style battles. We have thoroughly enjoyed getting messy to create superhero handprints.

Outside, we have undergone incredible superhero training via obstacle courses and secret missions. Some of us have been on a scavenger hunt for superhero villains that were hidden deep in the forest. During our games sessions, we have played some of our favourite sports with a superhero twist: Rounders was a firm favourite. The grown-ups were incredibly impressed with the speed that we displayed during our ‘super speed’ challenges that some of us were set. This afternoon, we came together to play an exciting game of Time Bomb.

Tomorrow is the return of another Summer Camp favourite: yaD sdrawkcaB!

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