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Backwards Day

Wednesday 29th July 2020

The silliest of days has been had here at Summer Camp today. The day started with us all being labelled up with our backwards names which we had a good giggle at when we tried to pronounce them all. We have thoroughly enjoyed getting messy with the paint to create abstract pieces of art. Additionally, we have been making creative symmetry paintings by painting on one side and printing onto the other. We turned the world upside down by creating our very own Topsy Turvy towns that were full of upside-down shops and houses, backwards roads and funny names.

Outside, we have competitively taken part in many backwards races including relays, running and jumping. In addition, we have challenged ourselves to play some of our favourite sports with a twist; some games started with a given score and we had to get it down to zero in order to win. This afternoon, we came together to show off our very best backwards racing which was super fun to watch and take part in.

We have laughed all day long and cannot wait to come back tomorrow for our very first Horrible Histories day!

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