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Horrible Histories

Thursday 30th July 2020

We have wound back the clocks today here at Summer Camp for our very first Horrible Histories day! The sun shone as we entered historical periods such as the Terrible Tudors, Vile Victorians and Groovy Greeks. Our creativity has been second to none; we are particularly impressed with the historical photo-boards that we have made where you can poke your head through to become a different person. Additionally, some of us created houses from 1666 to set up our own mini Great Fire of London. One of our favourite activities today was making gooey slime that we have loved playing with.

Many of us were transformed into Egyptian Mummies today during a competition; we had a time limit and had to wrap loo roll around one of our team members which had us all giggling. Another great game was 'pin the crown on the King' which many of us enjoyed.

Outside, some of us took part in a fierce tug of war and others took a look back at some sports that were played many years ago including chariot racing using the chariots that we had made from scratch. This afternoon, we all came together to determine which historical period is truly superior in a game of Horrible History Corners.

We have absolutely loved going back in time and cannot wait to come back tomorrow for the Summer Camp Olympics 2020.

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