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Lumen Summer Camp's Got Talent

Friday 7th July 2020

Wow - the children of Lumen Summer Camp 2020 really are a talented bunch. On our last day, we have showcased our skills in an exciting talent show within our bubbles. Throughout the day, we spent time rehearsing our performance to ensure it was the best it could possibly be. Some of us danced and others shared fantastic gymnastic skills. Other skills on show were keepie-uppies, jokes and magic tricks.

During the morning, we made tickets and programmes for the ‘live shows’. Additionally, we ensured our stage area was well-presented by making a range of decorations such as paper chains, bunting and banners. We also made our own posters to gain votes from the ‘public’. To celebrate our final day of Summer Camp, we have played a range of team games with one another. This afternoon, we took part in another epic water fight which was a great way to cool off on such a hot, sunny day.

We ended the day with the final of Lumen Summer Camp’s Got Talent where one act from each group were crowned the winners for 2020. Our three weeks of camp have been a blast and we cannot wait to come back next year for another summer of fun!

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