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Committees of the directors Including Local Governance Boards

The Directors may appoint committees with functions related to the Trust. The constitution, membership and proceedings of any committee shall be determined by the Directors under terms of reference. Each committee shall be chaired by a Director. Membership of a committee may include persons who are not Directors provided that (with the exception of the Local Governance Board (LGB)) a majority of the members of the committee are Directors.

Except in the case of a LGB, no vote on any matter shall be taken at a meeting of a committee of the Directors unless the majority of members of the committee present are Directors.

The Directors shall ensure that they receive adequate feedback on the work of any committees.

Committees will act in an advisory capacity to the Directors, except where powers have been specifically delegated to them by the Directors. The specific committees appointed are as follows:

  • Business and Management (B&M):
    • Audit Committee - a sub-committee of the B&M Committee
    • Pay Committee – a sub-committee of the B&M Committee;
  • Strategy and HR Committee
  • Education Committee
  • Admissions Committee
  • Local Governance Board:  responsible for monitoring and acting as a critical friend, for the overall achievement of the educational standards, welfare and local resource management relating to the functioning at that school. There are currently 5 LGBs: one each for Saxon Primary School, The Echelford Primary School, Riverbridge Primary School, Walton Oak School and Darley Dene Primary School.


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