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Day 12 at Lumen Summer Camp

Tuesday 13th August 2019 - Princesses and Knights

What a royally fantastic day we have had at Summer Camp today. Our team names and songs this morning were certainly a treat; we even had a re-written version of ‘Let it Go’ from Frozen. Throughout the day, we have been parading around with our decorative crowns on our heads and proudly waving our swords and wands in the air. Additionally, we worked as a team to design and build our very own Summer Camp castle that we enjoyed playing in. During our sports sessions, we pretended that the dragon was coming to get us and we had to rescue the princess from her castle. We also played Capture the Flag. At the end of the day, we played a team game of ‘Rescue the Princess’ where one team was victorious. We hope the force is with us all tomorrow as it is Star Wars day!

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