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Day 14 at Lumen Summer Camp

Thursday 15th August 2019 - Dinosaurs

Our penultimate day at Summer Camp has been dino-tastic! As ever, we were imaginative with our team names and came up with: the Jurassic Park Rangers, the Super Triceratops and the Dino-mites! In true explorer style, we went on a hunt for dinosaur bones in all of the outside areas. We found many bones that we then pieced together to make a giant dinosaur skeleton; this was a competition between Sun, Sea and Sand and the results were epic - check out the gallery to see our roarsome dinosaurs. We particularly enjoyed playing dino-themed games such as Dinosaur Egg and Spoon races. Additionally, we decorated our own dinosaur eggs and made mini dinosaurs. In the pool, we showed off our best slow motion dinosaur walking which was more challenging than we initially thought; it really made us giggle. During lunchtime, we saw a paddle of baby ducklings on the field; they were incredibly cute. At the end of the day, we all came together to play a group game of Dino’s Treasure where we remained in roles as dinosaurs when trying to retrieve the treasure from the sleepy dinosaur. We are sad that tomorrow is our last day at Summer Camp 2019, but super excited that we are ending with one of our favourite themes - the Olympics!

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