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The table below has been compiled in accordance with the AFH 2020; it contains the prescribed details of governors on the Walton Oak LGB who have served at any point in the last academic year.

This page is updated annually in the autumn term.  For details of the current Local Governance Board Membership please follow this link Walton Oak School Governance

Full Name


Date of Appointment &  Date of termination ( if applicable)

Term of Office & Who appointed them

Relevant business & pecuniary interests

Governance roles in other educational institutions

Keiran Patel Governor 17/12/.2018

4 years

Parent Body

Director of Egham Point Ltd  None
James Scott Governor 17/12/.2018

4 years

Parent body

None None
Daniel Sonley Headteacher  


Employee of LLT None
Emily Oliphant Governor 29/11/2019 4 years Trust None None



Governor 29/11/2019 4 years Trust None None



Governor 18/12/2020

4 years

Staff Body

None  None



Governor 20/01/2021

4 years

Staff Body

None None
Laura Ellis-Philip Governor 25/03/2021 4 Years Trust None Governor at Magna Carta School
Left within the last 12 months    

Meeting Attended in last academic year

Mandy Watts Headteacher 20/04/2020 2/2    
Lawrence Bentley Trust Appointed Governor 21/04/2020 2/2    
Andy         Wales Trust Appointed Governor 01/09/2020 2/4    
Alana Maloney Trust Appointed Governor 01/09/2020 3/4    
Sara Murray Staff Governor 19.01.2020 3/3    
Matt Bayliss Trust Appointed Governor 08/03/2021 1/1    

Meetings Attended

Meetings Attended / Out of a possible


Meetings Attended / Out of a possible


Mary Ellen McCarthy 1/1 3/4

Dan Sonley

1/1 4/4

Keiran Patel

1/1 4/4
James Scott 1/1 3/4
Emily Oliphant - 3/3
Ceri Orrell - 2/3
Matt Bayliss - 1/1
Paula Tiney - -
Katie Griggs - -


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