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2022 News & Daily Diary

Check out our daily updates to find out about all the fun going on at Camp!

August 2022

  • 12/08/22

    Friday 12th August

    Lumen Summer Camp's Got Talent day
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  • 11/08/22

    Thursday 11th August

    Animal Planet day
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  • 10/08/22

    Wednesday 10th August

    Spy Kids day
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  • 09/08/22

    Tuesday 9th August

    Out of this World day
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  • 08/08/22

    Monday 8th August

    Minecraft vs Lego day
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  • 05/08/22

    Friday 5th August

    World Cup Day
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  • 04/08/22

    Thursday 4th August

    Wild Wild West Day
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  • 03/08/22

    Wednesday 3rd August

    Backwards Day!
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  • 02/08/22

    Tuesday 2nd August

    Mythical Creatures day
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  • 01/08/22

    Monday 1st August

    It was a super day today as we were joined by Superheroes from all universes! In our Dance Workshop we learnt a routine to the song Immortals, which is also the theme to Big Hero Six, all the children performed it beautifully at the end of our day at camp, showing how hard they tried to learn the...
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August 2022

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