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2022 Themed Days & Activities

Our themes are always a highlight for the children at Camp and we are busy putting our timetable together to share with you. 

For those children who have been part of our Camp they will likely see some familiar favourites as well as some new ones! Themes seen at previous Camps include Superheroes, Myths & Legends, Olympics, Backwards Day, Under the Sea, Down at the Farm, Carnival and Witches & Wixards to name but a few.
Daily activities will build in the themes and your child is more than welcome to come to Camp in fancy dress to fully immerse themselves in the day if they wish.
Date Theme Is there anything helpful my child
could bring in with them?
Monday 25th July Witches & Wizards Plastic bottles (any size)
Tuesday 26th July Prehistoric Day tbc
Wednesday 27th July Encanto Cardboard box
Thursday 28th July Back to the Future tbc
Friday 29th July Around the World tbc
Monday 1st August Superheroes tbc
Tuesday 2nd August Mythical Creatures tbc
Wednesday 3rd August Backwards Day tbc
Thursday 4th August Wild Wild West tbc
Friday 5th August World Cup tbc
Monday 8th August Minecraft vs Lego tbc
Tuesday 9th August Out of this World tbc
Wednesday 10th August Spy Kids Small lidded plastic container/pot
Thursday 11th August Animal Planet tbc
Friday 12th August Lumen Summer Camp's Got Talent tbc
You can take a read about the brilliant time the children had each day at our 2021 Camp diary by clicking here.

What format does the Camp take each day?

When children arrive at the Camp each morning they will make their way to their named room depending on their age group.  These rooms will be used to register the children in and as a base to store jumpers, hats and packed lunch boxes. 

Each day activities will be introduced to all the children and will take place on a rolling timetable. They will be themed to match our daily Camp theme especially when it comes to arts and crafts. Children are more than welcome to come to Camp in themed fancy dress if they wish. We plan to run at least 6 activities every day with a mix of sport or arts and crafts. 

What is on for the youngest children at the Camp?

For our 3 and 4 year olds we will have dedicated play areas and activities led by an experienced Lumen Early Years teacher, to ensure that our youngest Camp children do not feel overwhelmed ?and also receive the more concentrated supervision they need.

Can my child play with their best friend who will also be at the Camp?

We understand that children may have their own friendship groups also attending Camp and we want all children, regardless of age, to feel comfortable and happy at the Camp. There are various points during the day where friends can take part in activities together if they so wish - sometimes having a friend nearby can help with any shyness when mixing with a new group of children.

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