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Delegated authority between LLT & LGB

Delegated authority between Academy Trust and LGB

  1. General
    • Supporting the Executive Principal in the creation, implementation and monitoring of the School Development Plan in the context of the Academy Trust's vision, aims and objectives.
    • Tailoring trust template documents to local arrangements.
    • Ensuring that the School implements and monitors the policies approved by the Directors.
    • Assisting the trust in ensuring that the School is operated efficiently and in accordance with the Directors' agreed principles of governance.
  2. Monitoring and Evaluation
    • Monitoring of School Key Performance Indicators.
    • Ensuring that effective processes are in place for monitoring the quality assurance of teaching and learning, the curriculum, inclusion and the sharing of good practice across the Academy Trust.
  3. Risk, Finances and Asset Management
    • Ensuring adequate financial and asset management systems are in place at the School.
    • Monitoring the School's delegated budget and ensuring that any variations are reported to the Directors' Business and Management Committee for approval.
    • To monitor the local arrangements for the effective supervision of building maintenance and minor works.
    • Monitoring the implementation of the Academy Trust's health and safety policy in the School and the local arrangements for the effective supervision of health and safety matters.
  4. Governance
    • Ensuring that there is effective communication between the Academy Trust and Local Governance Board.
    • Making arrangements for the Appointment of Staff, Parent and Local Governors.
    • Appointing from its number, Local Governors with specific responsibilities for SEN, child protection and financial matters.
    • Establishing an Exclusions Committee and Appeals Panel for reviewing relevant decisions.
    • Establishing an Appeals Panel in respect of staff redundancies or disciplinary procedures as required.
    • Consulting with the Directors on any proposals to establish any sub committees other than temporary ad hoc sub committees required to deal with specific issues
  5. Staffing
    • Supporting the Executive Principal in the appointment of School staff to ensure that the School is fully staffed.
    • Ensuring that the Academy Trust's policies on all HR matters are implemented in the School.
    • Make recommendations to the Directors Business and Management Committee in relation to the School’s Headteacher.
    • To monitor the implementation of the Academy Trust's policies at the School for HR matters including the appointment, induction and performance management of staff, pay review process and procedures for dealing with disciplinary matters, grievances and dismissal.
  6. Pupils
    • Ensuring that effective arrangements are in place for pupil support and representation at the School.
    • Ensuring that the admission arrangements in the School conform to the code of practice.
    • Ensuring effective arrangements are in place for pupil recruitment.
    • Ensuring that pupil attendance and monitoring systems are in place to enable access to education.
    • To establish arrangements for reviewing decisions of the Headteacher / Executive Principal regarding exclusions.
  7. Community and Parents
    • Contributing to the development of the School prospectus.
    • Supporting the Executive Principal and the Headteacher in the extended school provision in School.
    • Ensuring systems are in place in line with the Academy Trust's strategy at the School for effective communication with students, parents/carers, staff and the wider community including the establishment and support of a local Parent Teacher Association.
    • Implementing a mechanism whereby the School can receive and react to parental feedback.
    • Establishing and maintaining a relationship with the respective local elected community representatives.
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