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A Primary Trust for Primary Schools

Lumen Learning Trust

Lumen Learning Trust Learning together for a brighter future

Joining the Trust


We are unashamedly ambitious, not only for our children but also for all of our staff.  We believe that from the moment teachers begin their NQT year they are leaders; they are leading the learning in their classrooms and the other adults who are there in a supporting role.   We actively search out opportunities to develop our teachers' skills in three main areas:

  • strengthening their own classroom provision
  • leading whole school developments
  • supporting other practitioners' provision

When recruiting we look for candidates with strong academic backgrounds + a well-rounded range of interests who understand that teaching is a cerebral activity which requires critical thinking, reflection and resilience to secure the best outcomes for children in the widest possible context.  In essence, we want colleagues whose skill-set gives them a choice of employment but who want to be teachers because they believe they have a part to play in securing our future generation's life chances.


Partnership Working

Schools working in partnership is a key theme of our national educational landscape.  We are keen to find  like-minded partner schools who share our vision and values for children's outcomes.  Whilst we operate as a multi academy trust, all partner schools are involved at Directorate level as all partner schools' Chairs of Governors are automatically Directors of the Trust.  Each of our partner schools have their own headteacher, leadership team, school business manager and governing body.  By having each school's Chair of Governors as a member of the Board of Directors, we are able to draw on the strengths of all our schools and ensure all schools are in a position of influence in terms of the Trust's strategic direction.  


School to School Support

We believe that practitioners supporting practitioners is the most effective way of strengthening provision - not just in the school requiring support but also for the school giving the support.   We are constantly looking to build capacity in the schools we are supporting in order to enable them in turn to offer support to other schools.  Coupled with real commitment to CPD, we feel we are working with a sustainable model which continues to enhance the outcomes for children in our schools and beyond.


Contact us

We would be very happy to discuss partnership working in any of the contexts mentioned above - please ring the Saxon School site on 01932 563035 or email for an appointment with our Executive Principal, Mrs. McCarthy, who will be happy to talk everything through.