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For 2024 our Camp will be staffed by Lumen staff drawn from our Lumen school teams and will include some familiar faces from our previous Camps as well as trusted partners. You can be assured that our whole team can be relied upon to ensure the needs of your children are met in a safe and secure environment.

Our Camp is led by Harriet Code and Elysia Pott. We are thrilled to share our Camp team for this year: 

Team member Lumen school they are based at
Millie Bacon Echelford
Michelle Bancroft Riverbridge
Rosie Bessant Walton Oak
Heather Close Resolution Dance
Hannah Essed-Grujicic Riverbridge
Sharon Hazell Echelford
Sophie Horler Echelford
Megan Ivey Resolution Dance
Micha Knight Saxon
Mollie Lyons Echelford
Kelly McKenna Echelford 
Sara Murray Walton Oak
Megan Parsons Saxon
Flo Porter Echelford
Katherine Sewell Echelford
Lara Terzi Darley Dene
Helen Towersey Echelford
Vicky Wills Riverbridge

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