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Meet our Team

For 2020 our Camp will be staffed by Lumen staff drawn from our Lumen school teams and will include some familiar faces from our previous Camps. You can be assured that our whole team can be relied upon to ensure the needs of your children are met in a safe and secure environment.

Our staff team comprises:

Team member Lumen school they are based at
Pippa Kober Saxon
Hannah Redman Echelford
Josie Dubey Echelford
Harriet Code Echelford
Tash Johnston Echelford
Hazel Harvey Riverbridge
Christine Biddle Saxon
Bethany Galvin Echelford
Yllka Leka Saxon
Mel West Echelford
Rosie Bessant Walton Oak
Aimee-Louise Reynolds Echelford
Sophie Enright Echelford
Katherine Husband Echelford
Zoe Lester Echelford


Having familiar faces at the Camp will help your child to settle with ease in a fun and relaxed way with adults that know them. 

Led by Pippa Kober and Hannah Redman we are busily putting together our fantastic team for summer 2020 so check back here early in 2020 to find out who your child can expect to see at Camp.

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