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Thursday 3rd August

Pirates and Mermaids ahoy! Today we’ve embarked on an adventure that has taken us sailing through the deep seas, swimming through the mysterious oceans and working as a team to build the best pirate ship in all the land! 

In today’s big art, we worked together to build a mighty ship that could withstand the roughest of seas and strongest of winds. We ensured that we had our trusty pirate flag attached to let people know exactly who we were. Even the mermaids couldn’t stop us. 

In sport today, the mermaids and pirates challenged each other to a game of mermaid vs pirate tennis. Balls flew through the air as the children showed off their excellent racket skills, a spectacular on court battle. On the field, we enjoyed some target practice, firing cannonballs to different targets, where some were even moving!  

During arts and crafts, children used paper plates to show off their creative skills and design magical mermaids. They used many different colours, designs and patterns to model their tails and long hair. As part of our nature art, we went out exploring in the woods and found different sticks, twigs and leaves to make pirate ships that were ready to set sail into the distance. 

Unfortunately, due to technical issues we have been unable to take any photos. We are looking to get these resolved as soon as possible so that we will be able to share photos of all the amazing things happening at camp with you all. 

Tomorrow is the Lumen Summer Camp Olympics - children better get their running shoes at the ready! 

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