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Wednesday 2nd August

As part of our Animal Planet theme today, we have been exploring all kinds of wonderful animals from across the world, including Giraffes and Elephants from the plains of Africa and Kangaroos from Australia! It has been an interesting day with plenty of amazing costumes to look at and even some really cool animal facts shared amongst campers. 

In arts and crafts, children thoroughly enjoyed making a range of different animal masks, choosing their favourite animal to design - adding tails, whiskers and other key characteristics. We also crafted some split pin creatures, using different shapes and colours of paper to make moveable animals that looked just like real life! 

The rain didn’t stop us from getting our bodies moving today. In the hall, children took on the challenge of becoming different animals and racing against each other to try and get to the food. They swished their tails and hunted their prey before finishing off with a boogie to some funky music. In our specialist dance session, we learnt how to get down with the music to crocodile rock. We worked in small groups or with partners to create our own, imaginative moves whilst also following some super cool choreography. Children were then able to perform their dance to the rest of camp this afternoon. 

Children also looked into different habitats and where certain animals around the world come from. They used various resources to create some very life-like models to show where an animal might live and the kinds of things they would need available to them in order for them to survive. Take a look at some of the photos to see just how incredible these were! 

All in all, it was a great day at camp today!

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